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How to use the Wellbeing Calendar
How to use the Wellbeing Calendar

Learn how to navigate the Wellbeing Calendar to access company events and observances from the mobile app.

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What is the Wellbeing Calendar?

The MoveSpring Wellbeing Calendar is a feature that allows you to view and engage with various company events right in the MoveSpring app. Wellbeing Calendar events are categorized into one of six categories: benefits, challenges, community events, surveys, wellness spotlights, and other events.

How do I view the Wellbeing Calendar?

Accessing the Wellness Calendar

The calendar is a mobile-only feature and can be accessed from the MoveSpring dashboard via the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner of the app dashboard. Click the 3 lines to open the menu, and then select Wellbeing Calendar.

Note: If you do not see the Wellbeing Calendar listed here, this feature may not be enabled by your challenge administrator at this time or may be unavailable based on your organization’s MoveSpring plan type.

Navigating the Wellbeing Calendar

The Wellbeing Calendar defaults to only display events that take place in the current and the upcoming month. To view any scheduled events further out in time, select the View more events toggle at the bottom of the page:

Viewing Events

To view an event’s details, simply tap on an event in your calendar to pull up the overlay:

If the event creator has included a custom link or the ability to RSVP to the event, you’ll be able to see that by viewing the event detail overlay as illustrated in the examples below:

Joining Challenges

Another functionality of the Wellbeing Calendar is the ability to join active & upcoming public challenges run by your organization.

To join an available challenge from the Wellbeing Calendar, search or filter to locate a blue challenge event and tap Join now. Confirm on the overlay by tapping the blue Join challenge button.

If you’ve successfully joined the challenge, you’ll see a green Joined tag on the Wellbeing Calendar’s main page.

Filtering Events

The Wellbeing Calendar can be filtered by categories as well as by date range so that you can easily access the events you’re looking for.

Event Categories

All events are categorized into one of six categories indicated by the colored bars on the left-hand side of each event. The event categories found in the Wellbeing Calendar include:

  • Benefits (Green) - A benefit event is used for important benefit-related events in your organization. This can include open-enrollment or timelines for registering for specific benefits.

  • Challenge (Blue) - A challenge event informs you of an upcoming or current challenge in your organization’s MoveSpring account.

  • Community Event (Red) - A community event is a virtual or in-person event hosted by your organization. Events can be social, educational, health & wellness-related, or just for fun.

  • Survey (Purple) - A survey event details the timeframe you have to complete a survey administered by your organization.

  • Wellness Spotlight (Yellow) - Wellbeing Spotlights are nationally or internationally recognized health observance dates, weeks, or months dedicated to raising awareness about important health topics.

  • Other (Pink) - The other category includes events and notifications that don’t neatly fit into any of the above categories. Examples include: company holidays, important company initiatives, or safety trainings.

How to filter events

Simply select the Filters button in the upper right-hand corner. By default, all categories will be automatically checked. De-select any categories you don’t want to show and select the blue Apply filters button to view filtered events:

You can also tap the Clear button to remove your filters and reset to the default view.

RSVP-ing for Events

If an event has RSVPs enabled, you can easily respond and view fellow attendees in the app. From the event overlay, select the blue RSVP button and then select either the blue Yes, I’m in! button to RSVP yes or the Nope button to RSVP no:

If you’ve RSVP-ed yes, you also have the option to add the event to your personal calendar. If you’d like to do so, select the green Add to my calendar button and follow the prompts to add the event to your Google, Office365, or Outlook calendar. This creates a personal event that’s added to your calendar of choice, and does not link out to any official, company-wide invitations.

You can view your RSVP responses to upcoming events from the Wellness Calendar’s main page:

Editing an RSVP response

Plans change sometimes! Easily update your RSVP by selecting the event and tapping the blue Change RSVP button. From there, select your updated RSVP response to update in real time.

Viewing RSVPs

To view RSVPs for an event, simply tap on the event to pull up the overlay and then tap on attendee count under the event title. A list of attendees will show up for you to view.


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