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Should I Enable Monthly Step Goals?
Should I Enable Monthly Step Goals?

Learn about the benefits of enabling our Monthly Step Goal feature for your users, and how to manage the feature from the Admin Center

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What is a Monthly Step Goal?

MoveSpring’s Monthly Step Goal feature is a personal step goal that participants can set and work toward over the course of a month, each month of the year.

This feature is currently accessible only on the MoveSpring mobile app, and is available to all annual plan clients (Pro and Ultimate plan levels).

What are the benefits of enabling Monthly Step Goal?

A Monthly Step Goal enables your participants to work towards an individual goal that they choose for themselves. The feature empowers users to push themselves to consistently achieve their own desired activity outcomes throughout the year.

As an admin, you don’t have to worry about setting a goal that will work for everyone — users choose their own goal from within the minimum and maximum daily average range, which accommodates a wide range of activity levels and abilities. You can leave our default suggested range of 1,000 - 25,000 steps, or adjust the range if desired (must fall between 1,000 - 25,000 steps).

This feature is separate from any group challenges you may be running on the MoveSpring platform. It is intended to be an individualized experience for each user, encouraging motivation to keep moving throughout the year with the added flexibility to adjust goals as needed.

You can also easily recognize and reward participants for reaching their Monthly Step Goal each month. You as an admin will not be able to view the actual goal a user has set in order to maintain user privacy, but you will be able to see the progress made toward a goal. We believe that giving the user privacy over the goal they set allows them to be honest about what they hope to achieve, without any external pressure.

How do I manage the feature?

One of the best parts of the Monthly Step Goal feature is that it requires no management at all — once it is enabled, users can begin engaging with it as desired on their end!

You can enable Monthly Step Goals for your entire organization from your App Settings in the admin center. Enabling will allow all users in your account to begin setting their goals & using the feature in the MoveSpring app.

You can also disable the feature here as well, although we typically discourage turning the feature off if it has already been enabled. Disabling turns the feature off for all users, including those who might have already set a goal, which could create a confusing user experience.

Adjusting the goal range

You can adjust the minimum and maximum goal range available to users from app settings as well. You can raise the minimum to above 1,000 steps and/or lower the maximum to below 25,000 steps. You cannot set a minimum lower than 1,000 or a maximum higher than 25,000.

If existing user goals fall outside of the updated range, upcoming goals will automatically update to fall in line with the new range:

  • If the previous goal was lower than the new minimum, the goal will be raised to the new minimum.

  • If the previous goal was higher than the new maximum, the goal will be lowered to the new maximum.

When does my new goal range take effect?

Adjustments made before the 28th of the month will be applied to the following month's goals range. Adjustments made on or after the 28th will not be applied until the subsequent month.

For example, if you raise the minimum to 3,000 steps on January 25th, any users with goals lower than this will have their February goal raised to 3,000. If you make this change on January 30th, the February goals will not be impacted and instead the goals will be raised to 3,000 in March instead.

Communicating with users after updating your goal range

If you do update the goal range, we suggest sending an in-app announcement letting your users know of the adjustment. Here is a suggested template you could use:

Title: Monthly goal range update

Description: Hey team! 👋

Heads up that we've updated the goal range available for your monthly step goal. If your current goal falls outside of the new range, your goal for next month will update to meet our new range requirements.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and happy stepping!

How to pull the Monthly Step Goal report

You can easily pull reports from the Admin Center and reward users on reaching their goals, using the feature to encourage consistent engagement in MoveSpring.

When in the MoveSpring Admin Center, go to the Reporting tab and click on the Monthly Step Goal report from the User Report category, and then click “Run Monthly Step Goal.”

From here, you can choose to group or filter your report by any supplemental fields if available.

You will also need to select a start and end date for your report. The report dates will default to the current month, but you can change the default date as needed. If you wish to run a report for a specific month, enter that month as both the start and end date. You can also pull a report for multiple consecutive months.

Understanding the Monthly Step Goal report

From the report, you will be able to view a column for each month within your selected date range showing a user’s progress towards their goal as a percent. For example, if a user reached 100% or higher, this means they reached or exceeded their goal for that month. If you want to reward users for reaching their goal, you can filter this column to only show percentages that are 100% or higher.

The final column in the report displays Average % Goal Completion. This column calculates the average for all of the months included in your report. For example, if you pull a report for January 2023 to July 2023, this column will show you on average how close a user was to reaching their Monthly Step Goal over that 6 month window of time.

Please note the following rules for this report:

  • If a user has set their goal, but has not synced any data for the month, that month's field will be blank for them

  • If a user has not yet set a goal, they will not be included in the report

  • If a user set a goal but later opts out of the feature, they will also not be included in the report

If you have any questions about pulling or interpreting your report, please contact your client success representative or the MoveSpring support team so we can help!

What does the experience look like for users?

Learn more about how users can opt-in and begin using the feature here.

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