Administrators will create all challenge groups within the admin center. Follow the steps below to create all of your challenge groups.

  1. Go to the Groups Section of the Admin Center
  2. Select 'Create'

3. Set your Group Details
Customize your challenge title, description and prize!

4. Select your Settings and Restrictions
All toggles are set to MoveSpring recommendations.

Activity Range
This setting allows you to limit who can join a challenge based on their 30day average. Typically we recommend that groups leave this open allowing everyone to join. Further into your program admins can segment groups by custom goals, but always allow participants to pick which group they'd like to choose.

Auto-Approve Joiners
We recommend leaving this on to auto approve users. Otherwise, you as an admin will have to manually accept all requests to join a challenge group.

Allow Late Joiners
We recommend allowing late joiners for the individual based challenge groups. For Team modules we suggest only allowing participants to join late after a week or two.

Grace Period

This allows participants extra time after the challenge ends to sync in their data. The MoveSpring recommendation is 3 days, or 72 hours, prior to challenge close.

5. Select your Date Range
Click on the first date and then the last date of the challenge group. If this is a one day challenge you will need to select the date twice. Your duration will appear once dates are selected.

6. Select your Challenge mode
Choose the activity based modules you wish to include in your group based on your plan options.

Professional Plan Options Below

7. Customize your Module Metric and Goal
Based on the module you've selected you'll need to customize your group's goal. You will be able to edit this prior to challenge start.

8. Add engagement modules
Clients will typically have 1-2 engagement modules within each group. The Essentials Plan does not include the Content module.

9. Review Details
Edit any information you've input before completing the creation of your group.

10. Finish!
Your group will immediately be created and placed into the Groups section of your admin center.

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