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How to Create a Challenge Using a Challenge Template
How to Create a Challenge Using a Challenge Template

Learn how to create a challenge using a challenge template in the MoveSpring admin center

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You can use our challenge template feature* to create a challenge from the MoveSpring Admin Center in just a few clicks of a button. This article will guide you through using the feature and address common FAQs.

Not sure if you should use a challenge template or create your own challenge from scratch? Reference this guide for more information.

*Note: This feature is only available to annual plan clients (Pro and Ultimate plan levels). It is not available to One-time clients.

Creating a challenge from a template

All challenges are created from the MoveSpring Admin Center. Please follow the steps below to create a challenge from one of our challenge templates.

You can also watch this tutorial video to help:

Choose Template

  1. In the Admin Center, go to the Challenges tab in the side navigation menu

  2. Select the green Create Challenge button

  3. Choose “Use a challenge template”

  4. Choose a challenge template
    You’ll be able to select either a General or a Themed template. If you’ve run a specific challenge template idea previously, you’ll see a banner on top of the challenge image noting the last date you ran that template.

  5. Click “Review and create” to select a template
    Selecting a template here does not automatically schedule it. You will be able to review all the challenge details and make desired edits before saving and creating the challenge, or go back and cancel if you want to choose a different template.

Review Details

  1. Set duration
    First, you must select both your preferred start date and challenge duration. The duration of your challenge must fall within the specified range. You will not be able to create a challenge that is either shorter or longer than the duration range that is shown here.

  2. Review details
    Next, you can review the general challenge set up. If you want to make any changes, click the edit pencil icon to view the edit details screen. From here, you will be able to edit the challenge name, description, prize, image, and visibility.

  3. Click the “Review Modules” button to save and move forward.

Review Modules

  1. Review challenge template modules
    Next, you will be able to review and make limited edits to the challenge template modules, displayed on this screen. You can click the edit pencil icon next to a module if it is available, which will bring up the edit module screen for that challenge mode.

  2. We automatically calculate a goal for any Target, Virtual Race, and Team Virtual Race modules based on your selected challenge duration. Click the edit pencil icon if you want to enter and save a new goal. Note that the system will keep your preferred goal saved even if you edit the challenge duration before creating the challenge, and the goal will also not update automatically if you edit the duration after challenge creation is complete.

  3. Note that you must enter a goal for any group goal modules (Group Target, Group Virtual Race). We do not set a goal for group modules, as the goal is dependent on the number of anticipated participants that will be in your challenge. If you are unsure how to calculate a goal, you can click "Help me calculate a goal" under the goal text field to use our goal calculator and apply our suggested value. You can also learn more about setting a realistic goal for your group here.

  4. You cannot delete or add modules here, as our templates are created with specific module pairings in mind.

  5. Click the “Review Announcements” button to save and move forward.

Review Announcements

  1. Review all announcements that will be scheduled in association with the challenge template.
    Next, you can preview announcement copy and audience by clicking the down arrow next to an announcement. Each template includes 5 announcements that are scheduled to send at key times during your challenge to promote engagement.

  2. You’ll also be able to view the date & time each announcement is scheduled to send on.
    Each announcement is scheduled based on the duration of your challenge, and all announcements are scheduled to send at 9am in your client account timezone.

  3. If you would like to add, remove, or edit any announcements for your challenge, you will be able to do so from the Campaigns tab in the Admin Center after challenge creation.

  4. Click the “Review challenge” button to save and move forward.

Review Details (final)

  1. You will now be taken to the Review Details screen for a final time to review the entire challenge set up before saving and creating.

  2. Click the “Create Challenge 🎉” button to create your challenge!

  3. From here, you can view & edit announcements or view the challenge dashboard.

Important Notes

  • At any point in the template review process, if you click the back navigation button on your browser window, or click the “Cancel and choose a different template” button in the upper left hand corner of the screen, you will lose your progress and any edits you’ve made to the template.

  • If you’re not sure of what date you want your challenge to start, you can select an estimated date during the challenge creation process and make edits in the future before the challenge begins.

  • By default, all new challenges are automatically set as “Public.” If you don’t want all users in your account to find and join a challenge themselves, then you'll need to switch your challenge to “Hidden.”

    • Each template includes a challenge invitation announcement with the challenge join link that is auto-scheduled for 7 days prior to the challenge start date. This announcement will send to all users in your client account, even if you change the challenge visibility to hidden. You must manually edit the audience of the challenge invitation announcement if you do not wish this announcement to send to your entire group.


Can I make edits to my challenge after it has been created?

Yes! Once you have created your challenge, you will be able to make edits to it the same way you would a challenge you created from scratch.

Can I change the dates/duration of a challenge after creating it?

Yes! The duration will always be limited to our pre-determined range, but you can shorten or lengthen the challenge as desired from within that range. You can also adjust the challenge start date as long as the challenge has not yet begun.

Please click here to learn more about how changing challenge dates/duration impact announcements and any scheduled challenge content.

Can I run a test to preview how a challenge idea will look for my users?

Yes! If you would like to preview one of our template ideas before you run it for your group, you can follow these steps to do so:

  1. Select your desired template from the library.

  2. On the first page when reviewing the challenge details, edit the challenge visibility from public to hidden.

  3. Once you have created the challenge, delete the challenge invitation announcement right away. Every challenge template includes an invitation announcement that auto-schedules for 7 days prior to the challenge start date. Deleting the announcement ensures the challenge join link is not shared with your group.

  4. Add yourself as a participant to the challenge.

  5. Log in to the MoveSpring app and view the challenge!

Can I change the content collection scheduled by the template?

Yes! You can manage any pre-scheduled content as desired after the challenge has been created. If you want to swap a pre-scheduled content collection with a different collection from our library, we recommend deleting the content module that was added through the template, and then adding a new content module yourself so you can choose the content you want added. Learn more about uploading and managing content here.

Please note that certain scheduled in-app announcements associated with the template might refer to content that was scheduled originally via the template, so if you make edits we highly recommend reviewing announcements and adjusting copy as needed.

How often will new templates be added?

Our team plans to periodically add new templates into the library. If you have any requests for templates or themes that you would find useful, please share your feedback with your client success manager or the MoveSpring support team!

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