Challenge Modules

MoveSpring offers nine different challenge modules. Modules include basic Individual Modes which allow participants to compete individually or aim to meet personal goals, Team and Group Modes that combine all participant data together for cumulative scores, Advanced Challenge Modes and Custom Activity Challenge Modes that add an extra level of fun and engagement to your challenge! 

Depending on the module you choose, goals can be based on either steps, distance, active minutes, or activity completion. 

Individual Modes


Leaderboard modules encourage users to compete for the top spot. Participants are ranked from high to low based on their steps, distance, or minutes moved. Rankings are based on total activity or daily averages.
Example: All 50 people in the Chicago office are competing as individuals to get the most steps over the course of May.


Streak modules encourage healthy habits as users try to meet a step, distance, or minutes goal every day for a specified period of time. Users should try to meet their daily goal as many days in a row as possible.
Example: Everyone in the challenge has a goal to reach 30 active minutes per day during a 14 day challenge.
As an admin, you can view the percentage of days each user hits. For example, if a user meets your streak goal for 11 days during a 14 day challenge, they would receive a 79% completion score on your report. 


Set a total steps, distance, or minutes goal to achieve over a period of time. A user’s score is the sum of their activity over the course of the challenge. We calculate a daily pace to help users stay on track.
Example: Everyone in the challenge has a target goal of reaching 100,000 steps in 10 days.
As an admin, you can view the percentage each user hits. For example, if a user gets 89,800 out of their goal of 100,000, they would receive a 90% completion score on your report. 

Team and Group Modes

Group Target

Group Target combines the activity totals of all participants to achieve a collective goal. Set a total steps, distance, or minutes goal for the group to reach over a specified period of time. We calculate an average individual target for every participant to work towards. This is great for team building and less competitive groups.
Example: As a group of 20 participants, collectively reach 1 million steps over 5 days. Each participant should try to reach 50,000 steps each over the course of 5 days.

Group Race*

Group Race allows participants to take on a fun, illustrated map as a team by combining the distance totals of all participants into one score. All participants will help move a mile marker through the map to unlock milestones and new scenes together!

Example: Everyone works together to complete a 5,000 mile group race across the world.

*Formerly known as Group Journey

Team Leaderboard

Team Leaderboard is a competitive challenge mode that encourages participants to work together to win the top spot. Teams of individuals are ranked from high to low based on their steps, distance, or minutes moved. Rankings are based off the team’s daily average. See our Team Leaderboard Module Best Practices here.
Example: All the offices across the country compete against each other to be the team with the highest average daily step count.

Group Target Fundraiser

Encourage your group to step for a good cause. For a certain amount of steps, distance, or minutes moved, your organization or another donor commits to donate a specified amount.
Example: Acme Co. will donate $10,000 to St. Jude’s when the group reaches 10 million steps.

Advanced Challenge Modes

Stick To It

Ease into a healthy habit. Set a daily steps, distance, or minutes goal, then determine the total number of times you want participants to meet it over the course of a challenge. It’s okay if you miss a few days!
Example: Reach 30 daily active minutes 20 times over the next 2 months.

Virtual Race*

Compete in a virtual long distance race. Track progress in real time along the virtual race path. Experience fun surprises and milestones throughout the virtual race!
Example: Complete a 99 mile virtual race across the Florida Keys.

*Formerly known as Journey

Custom Activity Challenge Modules

Custom Activity Challenges are compatible with two challenge modes: Streak and Stick to it. Each challenge mode asks users to complete a daily goal.


Users try to complete the daily goal as many days in a row as possible.

Example: In a Streak challenge, your participants would drink 6 glasses of water every day of the challenge, trying to never miss a day.

Stick to it

Users can miss a few days, but instead work towards a total number of completions, such as 10 daily goal completions over the course of a month.

Example: In a Stick to it challenge, your participants would drink 6 glasses of water at least (ex) 15 times over the course of a (ex) 30-day challenge.

Engagement Modules

MoveSpring is about bringing people together in health - and that doesn't always mean encouraging more physical activity. Mental health and general wellbeing are important too! That's why we have three engagement modules so you can communicate with your group to keep them motivated and engaged beyond our challenge modules.


The content module is a blank slate for you, as an admin, to post articles, videos, and updates for your group to see and engage with. Post content right away, or schedule it to display in the app at a later time during a challenge. Pro and Ultimate clients also have access to our Content Library to help you save time and effort!
Example: Schedule daily 5-minute meditation videos to post in the app at 8am every morning for your challenge. Ask users to like the video if they completed it and comment if they thought the videos helped their mindfulness throughout the day. 


The quote module populates a new motivational quote in your challenge every day - no work on your part. As an admin, you can see all of the quotes ahead of time and replace any quotes you don't want to include.
Example: “Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.” —Stephen Hawking

Daily Workout*

The Daily Workout module automatically posts a new workout video every day of your challenge. Each workout consists of five exercises. Users can click the thumbnail straight from the MoveSpring dashboard to watch the latest workout.
Example: Learn five exercises, such as Quick Feet, Deadlift, Decline Push-up, Hip Bridge, and Side Lunge, then aim to do each exercise for 60 seconds! 

*Clients on Essentials plans are limited to the 3 basic individual challenge modes (Leaderboard, Streak, and Target) plus the 3 engagement modules (Content, Quote, and Daily Workout). Pro and Ultimate clients receive full access to all modules.  Contact if you are on the Essentials plan and are interested in upgrading your subscription to gain access to additional challenge modes. 

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