If you need to edit the name, description, dates, image, or prize information of your challenge, you can navigate to the admin center and click on "Challenges" in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

**You can only edit challenge dates before the challenge has started. Once a challenge begins, you will not have the option to edit dates.

Select the challenge you wish to edit from those listed. Click the button labeled "Edit Challenge Details":

1. A pop up will appear allowing you to make edits. To edit the challenge name, type within the highlighted box:

2. To edit the challenge description, type within the highlighted box:

3. To edit the challenge image click 'Edit challenge image':

4. You can edit your selection to include prize information and enter / remove any information about prizes in this highlighted box:

5. Edit the challenge visibility status (Hidden / Public) by clicking the toggle here:

6. To edit the challenge start or end date, click within either highlighted box below to begin editing:
** You can not change start or end date after a challenge has started.

After clicking on the start or end date, a more detailed calendar selector will appear. Select your dates by clicking the new start and end days on the calendar, then click the green "Save Changes" button:

For all the options above click the final "Save Changes" button once you are done editing your challenge, and it will update! You may also click Cancel to void any changes made.

As always, please reach out to customer support by clicking the blue and white chat icon in the lower right of your browser window or the "Contact Support" button in the profile section of your MoveSpring app.

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