What's included in this email template:

  • Challenge and prize winner

  • User highlights

  • Feedback request

The info you need to edit

Edit the italicized text in the email below. Here's a list of the info you will need.

  • Total steps, minutes and distance moved during the challenge. Get this info by viewing your challenge dashboard in the Admin Center. You'll see a box of activity stats in "Challenge at a Glance."   


Copy, paste and edit this email:

Talk about stepping it up! Congrats to everyone for crossing the challenge finish line! 

We’ll get to the winner in a second, but first…

There’s a lot to be proud of. As a group, we moved: 

  • {total challenge steps}

  • {total challenge distance}

  • {total challenge minutes}

These superstars shined so bright, I needed sunglasses to record these stats:

  • Most improved from first half of the challenge to the second half was {user} with a daily {metric i.e. steps} average increase of {%change}! {He/she} ended with an average of {stat i.e. 10,000 steps} per day. 

  • New personal records that are hotter than Michael Phelp’s Olympic times:

  • {user} broke the sound barrier with a new PR of {stat i.e. 100 minutes} on {date}

  • {user} unleashed the beast with a new PR of {stat} on {date}

  • {user} is on top of the world with a new PR of {stat} on {date}

  • {User} is the ultimate community player in the game with the most app visits, chats, comments and likes combined. You can also find this person at the water cooler. 

And now, a drumroll please… 

The challenge winner is {user or team} with {challenge score}! In addition to showering you with compliments and high fives, you will also be receiving {prize}.

How did you like the challenge? Let me know what feedback you have or ideas you brainstormed for our next activity challenge. 

You deserve a foot massage,

{Admin name}

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