What is a Team Virtual Race challenge?

The Team Virtual Race mode allows participants to compete in a long distance race along a virtual path. This mode allows you to set a distance goal for your participants to reach over the course of the challenge. In this article, we'll explain how to create a realistic goal for teams to reach when taking part in the Team Virtual Race.

Setting Team Virtual Race Goals

The goal you set for your Team Virtual Race represents the average total distance that each team needs to reach to complete the race. The average total distance is found by combining all distance totals moved by each team member on a team, and then dividing by the number of team members on that team to find the per person average.

As participants move through the race as a team, they will reach milestones together where they unlock fun and educational content related to your virtual race theme, so you’ll want to set a realistic goal that gives every team the chance the finish the race!

In the screenshots below, you can see that teams will be able to view their average total distance moved along the map, along with their overall team rank compared to other teams participating in the race:

How to set a Team Virtual Race goal

When setting a Team Virtual Race goal, you’ll want to consider two things:

  1. Average user distance total per day

  2. Duration of challenge (in days)

The equation you'll use to determine your group goal:

Average user distance total/day X Total days of duration

Determining your average user activity per day

How many miles/kilometers do you think your users will average each day of the challenge? You can reference the User Report or Dashboard in the Admin Center to help you find this number.

User Report: Go to the Reports section of the Admin Center. Pull a User Report based on the date range of your most recent challenge. Download the User Report. Take the average of the Average Distance column.

Dashboard: Go to the Dashboard of the Admin Center. Scroll down to the Group Activity Average graph. Toggle the metric to see distance totals. Change the dates to your most recent challenge or a 2-3 month period of time. Take a look at the average. What number seems to be near the middle of the ranges? Use that as your daily average.

First challenge? No user data yet?

A safe average to reference is 2.5 miles per day.


Please reach out to your client success representative should you wish to discuss setting a Team Virtual Race goal further. We can help to estimate and calculate!

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