How to Create a Challenge

Use this article to help you create a challenge from the MoveSpring Admin Center

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You can use our variety of challenge modes to create your own engaging challenges from scratch and customize them to your organization. This article will guide you through challenge set up.

If you are looking to create a challenge from one of our existing templates, please reference this article instead.

Creating a challenge

All challenges are created from the MoveSpring Admin Center. Please follow the steps below to create a challenge:

  1. Go to the Challenges tab of the Admin Center located in the side navigation menu

  2. Select the green '+ Create Challenge' button

  3. Choose 'Create a challenge from scratch'

  4. Set your Challenge Details
    Customize your challenge title, description, and prize. Here you can also personalize your challenge with a challenge image.

  5. Set your Challenge to Public or Hidden
    To enable users to join this challenge from the Join button on the dashboard, set your challenge as “Public." By default, all new challenges are automatically set as “Public.” If you don’t want all users in your account to find and join a challenge themselves, then you'll need to switch your challenge to “Hidden.”

  6. Select your Date Range
    Click on the first date and then the last date of the challenge. If this is a one day challenge you will need to select the date twice. Your duration will appear once dates are selected.

  7. Select your Challenge Modes
    Choose the challenge mode and data you wish to track. Note: the type of information you track determines what challenge modes you can use. To see summary information on a challenge mode, click the down arrow icon at the far right. To add a challenge mode, click Select. You can add a second challenge and additional modes in the next step.

  8. Customize your Metric and Goal
    Based on the challenge mode you've selected, you'll need to customize your challenge's goal. You also have the option to set a daily activity cap to limit the amount of activity that one user can score into the challenge each day (click here for more info). You'll be able to edit both the goal and daily activity cap after creating your challenge if needed.

  9. Add Engage & Educate Modes
    Clients will typically include 1 engagement mode within each challenge. Options include Content, Quote, and Daily Workout.

  10. Review Details
    Edit as needed before completing the creation of your challenge.

  11. Confirm to Finish
    Select the green "Finish" button to confirm your challenge details and create your challenge!

Your challenge will immediately be created. Your challenge will now be accessible from the Challenges tab in the Admin Center. Refresh your screen if you do not see your new challenge populate in the challenges tab right away.

You can also watch this tutorial video to help:

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