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How to Find & Edit Your Org Code

Learn where you can find and edit your org code. Users need this org code to sign up as part of your organization.

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To ensure users join as part of your organization, they will need to enter an organization code when they sign up.

Where to find your org code

You can find and edit your unique organization code in the Admin Center. Select the Settings tab towards the bottom of the side navigation menu.

Your organization code will be in the upper right corner of the Account Info tab.

How to edit your org code

You can edit your organization code on the Account info page. Navigate to this page by clicking the edit pencil icon next to your Org code, or by selecting the Account info tab from your Account settings.

You'll see a section with your organization code on your Account info page. If you want to change this code, click in the text box and type a new org code. Remember, codes must be between 10 and 15 characters in length. Learn more about best practices for setting up an org code here.

Press Save and update to update your org code. Or, select the Discard changes button if you do not want to save changes.

If you change your org code, remember, users will no longer be able to sign up with your old code. You will need to communicate the new code to all your users.

Unsaved changes

Note that if you edit your org code and try to navigate away from this page without saving, you'll be asked if you want to proceed without saving. Changes will not take effect unless you save. Click Yes, proceed to leave the page without saving your changes.

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