Halfway Through Challenge Message

Send this message when you're about halfway through your challenge.

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What's included in this email template:

  • Summary of challenge scores

  • User highlights

  • Prize reminders (if applicable)

The info you need to edit

Edit the italicized text in the email below. Here's a list of the info you will need.

  • Challenge name and number of days left in challenge

  • Prize info if applicable

  • Challenge scores (use the reporting feature in the admin center to get detailed challenge scores). 

  • You'll need to adjust the wording of the challenge score highlights according to the challenge mode you're using. The example below is best applied to Leaderboard and Virtual Race challenges. For Streak, you may consider the number of people who have the longest streak and how many daily goals they have hit in a row. For Target, you may want to highlight those closest to completing their target goal. For Group Target, state the group's progress to goal and how much daily progress they are making on average. 

  • Most improved user (use the "Most Improved" user report to get this info). Compare how users started out in the first few days of the challenge with how they've done in the most recent 3,4,5, etc days. 

  • Most engaged user (use the "Engagement" report to get this info)

  • Total steps, minutes and distance moved during the challenge. Get this info by viewing your challenge dashboard in the Admin Center. You'll see a box of activity stats in "Challenge at a Glance."   


Copy, paste and edit this email:

Kudos to all those super steppers out there. 

We’re halfway through the {challenge name} challenge. {number of days} left! 

Here’s a quick summary of all your stepping glory: 

  • In first place, is {user or team}, with {current score}. Don’t get comfortable, {user or team} is right behind you, chomping at the bit.

  • Most improved from the beginning of the challenge to now is {username} with a {X%} increase in average daily steps. Can’t stop, won’t stop. 

  • {user} is the engagement superstar with the most app sessions, comments, likes and chat messages! Sometimes it takes more than steps to snag a win. 

  • As a group, we’ve collectively moved:

  • {total challenge steps}

  • {total challenge distance}

  • {total challenge minutes}

Winners get more than bragging rights and eternal glory. The prize for this challenge is {insert prize description}.

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they’ve got a second.” — William James

Keep that pep in your step,

{Admin name}

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