What's included in this email template:

  • Challenge and prize winner

  • Highlights by challenge mode

  • Feedback request

The info you need to edit

Edit the italicized text in the email below. Here's a list of the info you will need:

  • Total steps, minutes and distance moved during the challenge. Get this info by viewing your challenge dashboard in the Admin Center. You'll see a box of activity stats in "Challenge at a Glance."   

  • Optional challenge stats by challenge mode. Get this info by viewing your challenge dashboard in the Admin Center. You'll see a box with stats for each module.

  • Challenge winner (use the reporting feature in the Admin Center to get detailed challenge scores).

  • Prize details if applicable

Copy, paste and edit this email:

Talk about stepping it up! Congrats to everyone for crossing the challenge finish line! 

There’s a lot to be proud of. As a group, we moved: 

  • {total challenge steps}

  • {total challenge distance}

  • {total challenge minutes}

And we can't go without calling out a few challenge stats! [Use any applicable stats below based on your challenge set up, or skip this section.]

  • Leaderboard: {User} made it to the top of the Leaderboard!

  • Team Leaderboard: {Team name} took the top spot on our Team Leaderboard!

  • Stick to It: On average, {x} daily goals were reached by all participants.

  • Target: {x} participants met their Target goal.

  • Virtual Race: {x} participants completed the Virtual Race.

  • Virtual Race: {User} finished the Virtual Race with the most distance.

  • Team Virtual Race: {Team name} finished the Virtual Race with the highest average total distance.

  • Team Virtual Race: {x} teams completed the Virtual Race.

And now, a drumroll please as we announce our winners… 

The challenge winner is {user or team}! In addition to showering you with compliments and high fives, you will also be receiving {prize}.

How did you like the challenge? Let me know what feedback you have or ideas you brainstormed for our next activity challenge. 

You deserve a foot massage,

{Admin name}

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