Should I Enable Chat?

An explanation of the benefits of enabling Chat for your users

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Creating a sense of community and social motivation is key to achieving success and engagement within your challenges. Our chat feature allows your users to connect with one another and send messages within their challenge or within teams. 

Each new challenge you create will have a corresponding chatroom. When running a team challenge a private chatroom will be created for each team as well. Users can share photos of themselves getting their steps, or they can reach out to peers for motivation, share personal successes achieved, and even post links to favorite recipes, or a fun gif. 

Clients have the option to enable or disable the chat feature. If you turn off the chat feature, users will not be able to send messages or communicate with each other directly in the app. 

We've seen great success in clients enabling chat to create a sense of community. It's great for challenges with multiple locations or remote employees giving users a channel to connect and interact with each other although they might not be in the same room in the day to day!

The chat will be accessible to each user after joining up until the challenge is removed from the Completed tab in the app! As an admin you can monitor the chat through the user experience and always comment or share important information with your users through this channel!

Reach out to your client success manager or customer support with any questions regarding the chat feature! 

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