How to End a Challenge Early

Learn how to end a challenge early by using MoveSpring's admin center.

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Within MoveSpring's admin center, an admin can choose to end a challenge early without the typical 3-day grace period

Before ending a challenge early using this method, it is recommended to let users know in advance so that any final syncing can be done prior to the end of the challenge, as all opportunities to sync will end as soon as the challenge ends.  

Once you confirm to end a challenge early, the action cannot be undone and all stats are final.

If you'd like to end your challenge early without a 3 day grace period, follow the directions below:

1. Click into the Challenges tab of the Admin Center and select the challenge you want to end

2. Click "End Challenge" at the top right of the dashboard

4. Click "End Challenge Now" to confirm

If you have any questions please reach out to customer support through the blue and white chat icon in the bottom right hand corner of your Admin Center. 

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