Understanding Grace Period Rules

Learn more about our 3-day grace period rules that apply by default to all challenges

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All MoveSpring challenges have a default grace period of 72 hours, which gives participants an extra 3 days after the official end time of their challenge to sync their final activity data into the MoveSpring app and their challenge before scores are finalized.  

Users will be notified of grace period rules in challenges that have ended on their MoveSpring dashboard. The message will tell them how many days until the challenge will officially close.

This grace period is built in so that any participants who may have forgotten to sync on the final day of their challenge, for example, will still have a chance to sync within the 72 hour grace period. 

Once the 3-day grace period ends, all challenge stats are final and totals can no longer be updated.  

Admins also have the option to shorten the grace period (or not have one at all) by choosing to manually end their challenge. If you use this option, we recommend letting users know first to ensure they’re aware of final cut off times. Click here for steps on how to end a challenge early. 

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