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How to Create and Delete User-Created Challenges
How to Create and Delete User-Created Challenges

Learn how to create and delete user-created challenges in the MoveSpring mobile app

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Please note: User-created challenges must be enabled in your client account for you to access this feature. Only challenge administrators can enable this feature. 

Users can create their own challenges within the MoveSpring mobile app! Create up to five user-created challenges at a time. Once one of your five user-created challenges ends, you'll be able to create another challenge. Follow steps below from the MoveSpring mobile app to get started. User-created challenges cannot be created from the MoveSpring website. 

How to Create a Challenge

1. Open the MoveSpring app to your dashboard and scroll down until you see a blue Join/Create button. You can also access this button from the Challenges tab.

2. Press the Create a Challenge button near the bottom of your screen:

3. Select your challenge mode. User-created challenges have access to Leaderboard, Daily Habit, Virtual Race, Streak, and Target:

4. Set your challenge goal. Choose the metric and your daily or overall challenge goal you want to compete on (if applicable):

5. Choose your challenge duration (up to 31 days) and start date:

6. Name your challenge and add an optional description and image. Then, select the blue Save and review button.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created your challenge! Now you can invite your friends to join for some friendly competition!

How to Delete a User-Created Challenge

Challenge creators have the option to delete challenges they’ve created by clicking into the ellipsis button [“…"] when viewing their challenge from their dashboard or the Challenges tab on the MoveSpring mobile app. Then, tap Delete challenge and confirm as shown below:

Deleting a challenge will also end the challenge for any participants who joined the challenge, and all participants will lose access to challenge score data. Deleted challenges can’t be recovered after they’ve been deleted, so please use the delete button with caution!

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