Please note: You must be the creator of the challenge to invite friends to join. 

Now that you’ve created your challenge, we’ll explain how to invite friends to join! 

To invite friends to a challenge you’ve created, you’ll first need to be friends with those users on MoveSpring. To learn how to add friends, please see this article. Once you’ve added friends, you’ll be able to invite them to your challenge using the MoveSpring mobile app only

How to Invite Friends to Join your Challenge

1. Open the MoveSpring app to your dashboard and scroll down to your Challenges to find the challenge you created.  If your challenge isn’t active yet, it can be found in the “Upcoming” tab.

2. Select the ellipsis in the top right hand corner of the challenge.

3. Select the 'Invite friends to the challenge' button from the Challenge Menu pop up.

4. Scroll through your list of friends to find who you want to invite or search by username. Click “Invite” to send an invite to that friend.  You will be able to invite as many participants as your challenge admin has enabled for your organization. You'll see a countdown at the bottom of your screen to indicate how many invites are remaining.

4. When you’re finished inviting users, tap “Done” to go back to your challenge view. Wait for users to respond and enjoy your competition!

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