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What you need to know before creating your One-time Challenge
What you need to know before creating your One-time Challenge

Here's everything you need to know before you create your one-time challenge. Pro tip: host a test challenge before the official challenge.

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MoveSpring One-time Challenge purchases include one official challenge that is 45 days or less. Once your official challenge is complete, you will have access to MoveSpring for 21 days after your challenge end date. After 21 days, admins and end users will no longer have access to the app or admin center.

Before you create your official challenge, we highly suggest running a test challenge. Hosting a test challenge allows you to familiarize yourself with the platform so you can feel confident as you onboard users. Test challenges are limited to 5 users or less. We will remove and delete any test challenges that have 6+ users. Learn more about test challenges here

How should I structure my challenge?

Create and customize your challenge in the MoveSpring Admin Center. Run more than one challenge type at once, or include fun engagement features like content or motivational quote of the day.

We offer individual, group and team challenge modes.

Individual challenge modes include Leaderboard, Streak, Virtual Race and Target. Everything is scored based on individual activity and achievement.

If you’re looking for a highly competitive challenge, we suggest using our Team Leaderboard challenge mode. The team with the highest daily step or active minutes average moves to the top of the leaderboard. Option to allow users to create their own teams. 

Our Group Target and Group Race challenge modes are great options to get end users working together towards a collective goal. The Group Target mode combines all participants’ steps or minutes into one, big group score. Use this mode to work together to achieve a goal that is larger than life. In Group Race, users move as one to reach the finish line of a long distance virtual race. Unlock milestones and new map scenes together for the ultimate group fun.

For all MoveSpring challenges, we highly recommend including a content module. Our content module allows you to communicate directly with your participants. Schedule a few posts each week of your challenge using our Content Library. Or, post your own important updates by uploading your own content. This is a great way to re-engage users throughout the challenge with something other than activity data.

Next Steps

We highly suggest you run a test challenge. Read this article for more information on the benefits of running a test challenge. Once you feel confident in the platform and challenge setup, create your official challenge, which can be up to 45 days in length. Once your official challenge is created, be sure to spread the word to your participants and encourage sign-ups well before the challenge start date. You can use our handy communication templates to customize your messaging and invite participants via email. 

We’re so happy you chose MoveSpring to run your one-time challenge. Please browse our help center for additional resources or reach out to our Customer Support Team for further assistance.

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