What are Active Minutes? 

Generally, active minutes denotes increased activity or effort as registered by your device.  Depending on the technology in your device, that could mean an increased heart rate or faster movement. 

All activity is not automatically counted as active minutes. For example, a slower-paced walk may not count towards your active minutes total. MoveSpring will only sync what your device counts as active minutes!

Where Should My Active Minutes Appear in MoveSpring?

Your active minutes that have synced into your MoveSpring account from your device should appear here in the 'Your Activity' section of the MoveSpring dashboard. You can swipe to the left to view past active minute totals as well. 

If you'd like to view historical active minute data, you'll want to check out your Profile, where you can see weekly, monthly and yearly averages and totals and your all-time best days.

How Do I Earn Active Minutes?

iPhone/Apple Health Users

The Apple Health app for iPhone unfortunately does not record active minute data. This means that if you're using an iPhone to record your steps, you won't be able to sync any active minute data to MoveSpring regardless of your time spent on the move. 

Please note: This does not apply to users with an Apple Watch since the Activity app sends Exercise minutes to the Health app to sync to MoveSpring.

All Other Users

Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, and Withings can all record active minute data to send to MoveSpring. If you still aren't syncing any active minutes to MoveSpring, this may indicate that your device isn't picking up that activity as active time. Each device tracks active minutes differently, so you'll need to refer to your specific device brand to learn more about how they track those minutes.

Please note: Within Google Fit, active minutes are called Move Minutes. The Move Minutes you see in Google Fit should sync to MoveSpring as active minutes.

Can I Add Active Minutes Manually into MoveSpring?

If manual activity entry is enabled for your organization, you can add active minute totals manually up to 7 days back. To learn more about manual entry, please see this article on manually adding your activity into MoveSpring

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