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How to Use the Announcements Feature

Learn how to create, publish, and manage announcements from the MoveSpring Admin Center

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What are Announcements?

Announcements allow you to communicate important updates directly to your users throughout your program. In addition to displaying the most recent announcement directly on a user’s dashboard, we’ve also designed announcements to be paired with an optional push notification for increased visibility.

When you share an announcement from the Admin Center, it will display on the recipient’s dashboard for up to 10 days unless it is deleted or replaced by a more recent announcement. After 10 days, announcements will be archived, but they can still be accessed by users by selecting Announcements from the menu drop down in the mobile app or from the Announcements tab on our website. Learn more here

Step 1: Create an Announcement

1. From the Admin Center, select the Campaigns tab in the side navigation menu. Then select the blue + New Announcement button at the top right corner

You can also create a new announcement directly from the Admin Dashboard:

2. Add a title (25 characters max) and description (1,000 characters max).

3. Optional: Upload an image or select a stock photo & include a call to action. Simply toggle on the call to action and add your call to action URL and text (20 characters max).

Tip: Be sure to use the Live Preview while creating your announcement. It allows you to preview how your announcement will appear to your users in the app. 

Step 2: Choose Your Recipients

Select the check box next to “Send to all users” to send your announcement to everyone in your client account. You can also select from a sub group, challenge participants, or choose to send your announcement by individual user to target a specific audience.

Each grouped list here is additive, meaning all users selected from each list will be included as recipients. When you select from multiple lists, you’ll notice that only users meeting both criteria will be displayed as recipients. 

In the example above, your announcement would be sent to all users from Development, Sales, Support, and Design who also participated in Step Into Fall and Summer Warm Up. 

In addition to these groupings, you’ll also have the option to select specific users to add in as well to allow for complete customization of your recipient list. You should see a preview of all recipients to confirm your selections are correct. 

Step 3: Publish or Schedule Your Announcement

1. Choose if you’d like to pair your announcement with a push notification by checking the box to include a notification

2. Schedule your content to be shared at a later date by toggling on the option to "Schedule for later" and selecting a future date and time. You can also leave the toggle off and click the green Publish announcement button shown below to publish your announcement immediately

Step 4: Review, Edit, or Delete Your Announcements

You can easily view, edit, and delete your published and scheduled announcements from the Campaigns tab in the Admin Center at any time. You’ll see a preview of each announcement’s headline, notifications, and publish date from this page. 

Any changes made here will also be reflected on the user end. For example, if you delete an announcement that was previously published, it will no longer be visible to your users. 

Editing a published announcement will not result in a new push notification. Push notifications will only be sent out when the announcement is originally published. 

Editing an Announcement

1. To edit an announcement, click the pencil icon next to the announcement you want to adjust:

2. From the Edit Announcement page, you can easily change your title, description, image, or call to action settings and preview those updates on the right hand side of your screen:

3. If your announcement hasn’t been published yet, you can also adjust your recipient list from this page

4. When you’re finished making your changes, select the green Save announcement button at the bottom of your screen to save any updates

Deleting an Announcement

1. To delete an announcement entirely, select the trash can icon to remove it: 

2. Then, select Delete announcement here to confirm: 

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