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Adding Collections to your Content Module

Learn about the Collections feature, including how to select and schedule a collection from the Content Library

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What are Collections?

Collections are sets of approximately 10-20 themed content posts within the MoveSpring Content Library that you can easily select from to add to your challenge's content module. Topics can vary and range from seasonal content to nutrition and fitness basics to tips on meditation and mental health.

After finding a collection you'd like to use in your challenge, you'll have the option to fully customize it to fit your specific needs.

Browsing Collections in the MoveSpring Content Library

After navigating to the MoveSpring Content Library, you should see some of our featured collections near the top of your screen. Click into one of these collections to view more details about it, or select the 'View all collections' button to view more all of our existing collections:

When viewing all collections, use the search bar shown below to find a collection that covers a specific topic, or browse through the options listed to find a collection you'd like to use.

Click into a collection to see a full view of all content included:

You can click on an individual piece of content to review the associated description and tags as shown here:

Select 'View full content' to view the linked webpage or video if applicable.

Adding Content from a Collection to your Content Module

When you click into a collection, you'll notice that you have the option to 'Upload all posts' or to upload content items from a collection individually by selecting the 'Upload' button associated with each post.

If you select the option to 'Upload all posts,' your content will be evenly scheduled throughout the duration of your challenge as shown here:

You'll also have the option to only select some of the content pieces or all of them from here.

Manage and Review your Content

Once you're finished adding your content, you can easily review and manage any scheduled content by following the steps linked here.


If you have additional questions, please contact our support team for help!

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