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Milestone requirements

When you create custom milestones using the Racetrack Creator, you'll be required to submit a location percentage, title, and image for each milestone. You'll also have the option to include text in each milestone body field, embed a video, and/or include a logo at the top of the milestone page. Learn more about the specs for milestone requirements below.

Milestone specs

General guidance

  • At least 1 milestone is required. The max number of milestones allowed is 20.

Required fields

  • Location: Must be a percentage (1% - 99%).
    Percentage specified should indicate location of milestone out of the total race distance. Learn more here.

  • Title: 45 characters max

  • Image: Each image will appear at 750px wide x 460px tall. PNG or JPG file required.
    You can crop each individual image to this size before uploading it to the Racetrack Creator or you can use our file uploader tool to crop any image to these dimensions if needed.

Optional fields

  • Body: 4,000 characters max
    Use this field to include additional context about your milestone location.

  • Video: YouTube or Vimeo required*
    To embed a video for a milestone, enter the URL to the video here. See recommended video privacy settings here.

  • Logo: Each logo will be sized to a maximum of 32 px tall. PNG or JPG file required.
    The width of each logo will be dependent on the image you've uploaded, up to a maximum width of 301 px. Logos uploaded here will be displayed at the top of the milestone page.

Preview your milestones

Once you've submitted all fields, you can preview how your milestone will appear in the app** by selecting the preview icon shown in the images below:

For more information on uploading custom milestones, please see this article or watch this video:

*Note:Your video must be embeddable in order for it to play within MoveSpring. See the privacy setting recommendations below to ensure your video will work within your Virtual Race milestones.

Vimeo settings

  • Visibility: Hide from Vimeo (Private on your account, but embeddable anywhere)

  • Embed: Where can the video be embedded? Anywhere

YouTube settings

  • Visibility: Unlisted

  • Embed: Allow embedding should be enabled

In addition, please do not link to YouTube Shorts in milestones. If you have a YouTube Short video or are having trouble with a YouTube link, please contact our support team and share the link to the video you are having trouble with.

**Note: Video will not play in preview.

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