Creating milestones for your custom racetrack

Learn how to create milestones for your custom racetrack from the MoveSpring Racetrack Creator

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What Is a Milestone?

Milestones are checkpoints placed along your Virtual Race path. When a participant or group reaches a milestone, they'll unlock fun and educational content related to your Virtual Racetrack theme. Each milestone features a title and image with options to add a description and embed a video. Our Racetrack Creator allows you to fully customize milestones to your needs, including placement along your map path and custom company logos.

Learn more about the basics of creating a custom racetrack here.

Do I have to create milestones when using the Racetrack Creator?

If you’re using a MoveSpring map, yes. If you’re customizing your own map, milestones are optional. You are able to toggle that setting to "Yes" or "No" in the Settings Menu when creating your Racetrack.

Note: If you want to use a MoveSpring preset map with the default milestones, you can access those through challenge creation. You do not need to use the Racetrack Creator. Learn more here.

Ready to Customize your Milestones?

If you're feeling creative, you're in the right place. Once you save your map selection, customizing your milestones will be the last step in the Custom Racetrack creator process. Below, you'll find the steps to customize milestones for a MoveSpring map or a custom map of your own creation!

If you haven’t completed your map set up for your custom racetrack, you’ll need to do that first before creating any milestones. Learn more about custom maps here.

How to Customize Milestones

Follow the steps below to get started. Upload all milestones in the order in which you want them to appear on the map.

  1. Select the Edit button within the Your Milestones section to begin.

  2. Select the green + Add or + Add milestone button.

  3. Set the location of each milestone by a percentage (1-99%) of the total race distance.

    EX: Milestone 1 appears at 10% of the overall distance goal. If the goal is 100 miles, the milestone will appear at the 10 mile mark. Learn more tips on milestone locations here.

  4. Choose a milestone title (required - 45 characters max).

  5. Choose a milestone image (required).

    Each milestone image appears in the app at 750px wide x 460px tall and should be uploaded as a JPG or PNG file. You can crop each individual image to this size before uploading it to the Racetrack Creator or you can use our file uploader tool to crop any image to these dimensions if needed.

    Learn more about milestone specs here.

  6. Include text for your milestone body (optional - 4,000 characters max).

  7. Include a video link from YouTube* or Vimeo (optional).

  8. Include a company logo (optional).

    Each logo will be sized to a maximum of 32 px tall. PNG or JPG file required.

    The width of each logo will be dependent on the image you've uploaded, up to a maximum width of 301 px. Logos uploaded here will be displayed at the top of the milestone page.

  9. Select Preview milestone to see how your milestone will look in the app.

  10. Once you're happy with the preview and ready to move onto another milestone, select Save milestone.

  11. Repeat this process by clicking the green + Add Milestone button for each subsequent milestone. You must have at minimum 1 milestone and at maximum 20 milestones. Make sure to add milestones in the order in which you want them to appear.

  12. Click Save and Exit in the upper right-hand corner to save your racetrack and return to it later, or continue to the next step.

  13. If you've completed all of your milestones, or have reached the maximum of 20 milestones, select the blue Done button. Congrats! You're now ready to publish your Racetrack and create a challenge.

*Note: Please do not link to YouTube Shorts in milestones. If you have a YouTube Short video or are having trouble with a YouTube link, please contact our support team and share the link to the video you are having trouble with.

How to Preview, Edit, or Delete Milestones

  • View the milestones you've completed anytime on the right hand side of the Racetrack Creator under Your Milestones. Click on any milestone from this panel to edit as needed. Make sure to save your milestone after making edits.

  • You can quickly preview any milestone from the Your Milestones panel by selecting the preview icon. You can also delete a milestone by selecting the trash can icon.

  • Before your milestone gets removed, you'll see a warning that asks you to confirm that you want to delete the milestone from your map. Click Yes, delete to remove that milestone.

    Note: Once deleted the other milestone numbers will adjust. For example, if you delete milestone 5 out of 7, then milestone 6 becomes 5, milestone 7 becomes 6, etc.

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