What is a prize raffle?

A prize raffle allows you to choose randomly-generated winners from a pool of eligible recipients, such as participants who meet certain goals in your MoveSpring challenges. Including prizes for your challenges helps to boost engagement and allows you to recognize users for their efforts.

Why choose a prize raffle to award participants?

Prize raffles offer a few benefits over awarding prizes based off of your top-performing participants.

  • Raffles are more inclusive. Instead of awarding only the top-performing participants, a raffle prize structure allows anyone who meets the eligibility threshold to have a chance of winning a prize. This encourages more participants to engage in your challenges, especially if they aren't top-performers.

  • Raffles can fit any prize budget. You can select prizes that fit any budgetary requirements, and you can also choose how many raffle winners you will select. For a selection of prize ideas to fit any budget, see our blog post on prize ideas.

How to choose a raffle winner

Selecting a raffle winner for challenge prizes is simple. Follow the instructions below to identify your raffle prize winners:

  1. Pull the applicable challenge report from the MoveSpring admin center to identify your eligible winners. For more detailed instructions on pulling reports, click here. Filter your spreadsheet so that only eligible winners are visible.

  2. Choose a raffle selection tool. We suggest using this free tool: https://www.randomresult.com/pick.php. Steps 3-4 will reflect instructions for this tool.

  3. Copy the user IDs of all eligible winners from your spreadsheet and paste them into the text box. Enter how many winners you want to draw below.

  4. Click "Draw now". The generator will randomly select winners based on the number you have designated. You can then screenshot this page for your records and announce your winners.

Looking to hold a live virtual raffle instead?

A free raffle tool we like for live raffles can be accessed at https://wheelofnames.com/.

This tool includes a colorful wheel, animations, and sound effects to help build excitement as you draw winners.

Follow the same steps above to pull eligible winners from the MoveSpring admin center and paste the user IDs into the text box. Click on the wheel to spin and choose a winner.

Note: You won't be able to pick more than one winner at a time with this tool, but you can remove a winner from the list by selecting "Remove" to pick multiple winners.

Prize raffle ideas for every challenge mode

Get creative with qualifying requirements for prize raffles. Use these ideas to inspire your next prize raffle structure.

Challenge Mode

Qualify By*


  • Syncing more than 100,000 steps during the challenge

  • Averaging at least 5,000 steps per day during the challenge

Team Leaderboard

  • Averaging at least 5,000 steps per day during the challenge

  • Posting a message or photo in the challenge chat

Virtual Race

  • Completing the Virtual Race goal

  • Syncing at least 50 miles/80 km during the challenge

Group Virtual Race

  • Syncing at least 50 miles/80 km toward the group goal

  • Averaging at least 3 miles/5 km per day during the challenge


  • Completing the Streak goal

  • Completing at least 80% of the Streak goal

Stick to It

  • Completing the Stick to It goal

  • Completing the Stick to It goal every day of the challenge


  • Completing the Target goal

  • Completing at least 80% of the Target goal

Group Target/Group Target Fundraiser

  • Syncing at least 100,000 steps toward the group goal

  • Averaging at least 5,000 steps per day during the challenge


  • Commenting on at least 1 content post

  • Completing at least 5 pieces of actionable content

*Note: The qualifying requirements include sample data and should be adjusted based on challenge goals and length.

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