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How to create an individual Virtual Race challenge
How to create an individual Virtual Race challenge

Learn how to set up an individual Virtual Race challenge from the MoveSpring admin center and choose a realistic challenge goal

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What is an individual Virtual Race challenge?

A individual Virtual Race challenge allows you to set a distance goal for each participant to reach by the challenge end. As participants move in real life, they progress through a racetrack in the app. Along the way, they’ll unlock new map scenes and fun milestones.

Virtual Race also ranks individual users from high-to-low based on their total distance moved over the course of the challenge. This data is then shown on a leaderboard for all participants to view. This module is especially great for promoting individual motivation and increased competitiveness within your challenge.

Please note: Virtual Race is a distance-based challenge mode only. You cannot set a step or active minute goal for Virtual Race.

Creating a Virtual Race Challenge

  1. Go to the MoveSpring admin center and select the Challenges tab from the side navigation menu.

  2. Select the green "+ Create challenge" button

  3. Enter your challenge details (for help with this step, click here) and select Next

  4. Scroll down to Individual modes and select Virtual Race

  5. From here, you will be able to choose your theme and select your goal. See below for guidance on selecting a theme and goal.

Selecting a theme for a Virtual Race challenge

When creating a Virtual Race challenge, you will need to select a theme for your racetrack. Each theme includes its own set of milestones that unlock as you progress through the map. You can either choose to go with one of our preset racetracks or you can choose to create your own. Creating your custom racetrack will allow you to pick your own map with optional milestones. You can learn more about custom racetracks here.

Setting a goal for a Virtual Race challenge

After you select a theme, you will need to select your Virtual Race distance goal. There are 2 things you'll need to take into account when selecting your goal:

  • Average individual activity per day*

  • Duration of challenge (in days)

To set a goal for your Virtual Race challenge, we recommend using the following equation:

Average individual activity per day x Duration of challenge (in days)


  • 2 miles per day x 25 days = 50 miles

  • 3 miles per day x 25 days = 75 miles

  • 3 kilometers per day x 25 days = 75 km

  • 5 kilometers per day x 25 days = 125 km

Once you’ve entered your goal during challenge creation, select the green "Save" button to save your goal:

*If you need help with determining a realistic estimate for your average individual activity per day, click here to learn more.

Setting an activity cap

You also have the option to set an activity cap for your Virtual Race challenge. A daily activity cap will set a limit on the total distance that will be scored into your challenge. Including an activity cap in your challenge can help to even the playing field among participants and ensure that members don’t complete the map too soon.

While an activity cap can be helpful in ensuring members will not complete the Virtual Race too soon, you’ll want to avoid setting the cap too low. An activity cap that’s set too low can result in multiple participants being tied for 1st place. If you include an activity cap in your challenge, set a cap that is challenging for most users to accomplish in 1 day.

You'll be able to add a cap here by toggling the option to set a daily activity cap "On" and entering your cap as shown below:

Once you’ve chosen your desired cap, select the green "Save" button to save it to your challenge module.

Finishing your challenge

Once your challenge selections are complete, select Save and Continue to review your challenge details and select Finish to create your challenge:

Editing a Virtual Race goal

If needed, you can edit your Virtual Race goal after it's been set up from your challenge dashboard in the admin center. If you need to adjust your goal after your challenge has started, click here to learn how to edit your goal.


Please contact our support team for more help. You can send a message to the MoveSpring support team from the chat icon in the bottom right corner of this article.

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