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This guide offers best practices for clients with participants based outside of the United States.

Account Configuration

When onboarding participants to your account, it is important to consider the best app settings for your employee population. For a global population, you'll want to review both your distance metric and timezone settings.

Distance Metric

Users can choose to see distance displayed in their MoveSpring account in either miles or kilometers. This can be helpful when you have users from various parts of the world who may prefer miles over kilometers, or vice versa.

Your organization’s default distance metric can be set from the MoveSpring admin center to either miles or kilometers. We suggest setting this default to the metric that makes the most sense for the majority of the eligible population. Learn how to adjust your app settings from the admin center here.

If an individual user prefers to change their default metric for their account from the default setting for your organization, users can adjust these settings from the settings menu in their profile.


Your organization’s timezone in MoveSpring will affect your challenge start time and when scheduled content posts and announcements are shown. If your users are from multiple timezones, we suggest setting your client timezone as either the earliest timezone that will reach midnight (when the challenge will start) or a timezone that is in the middle of your timezone range. Learn how to adjust your app settings from the admin center here.

Many global clients who are predominantly in the US will set their time to EST. All challenges in MoveSpring will begin at midnight (12:00am) according to your organization’s timezone, so you’ll want to make sure that the challenge is live when the participants wake up in their respective timezones.

Please note: For challenge scoring purposes, your organization’s timezone will only affect when the challenge starts. All users will get a full 24 hours in their set timezone to track their activity. We also offer a 3-day default grace period to give users plenty of time to sync their final totals earned during the challenge. You can learn more about how your timezone impacts your challenge here.

App Availability

MoveSpring is offered as both a mobile and web application. Utilizing the mobile app is preferred for an optimized experience. However, if a region has any restrictions on the Google Play Store or the Google Fit app, MoveSpring will be subject to those. For example, we are aware that at least some Android users in China aren't able to download the Google Fit app to use their phones as their fitness trackers due to internet restrictions.

If your participants are unable to download the MoveSpring mobile app, they will need to use the web application instead at* These participants can connect a Fitbit, Garmin, or Withings device to participate in activity challenges through the web application, or if they do not have a device, they would need to use manual activity entry.

*Please note: Some MoveSpring features are only accessible through the mobile app, including activity conversion, logging a habit, and completing actionable content.

User Technical Support

Support is available Monday - Friday from 9am-5pm CST. All user questions are answered on a first come, first served basis. If any of your participants have questions that come in outside of business hours, they will be answered as soon as possible based on the order they were received. Any questions received overnight would be addressed first when our team returns in the morning. We will work with your users promptly to get their questions answered or issues resolved.

The MoveSpring support team is US-based and responds to support inquiries in English. If an inquiry is received in a language other than English, our support team will use Google Translate when possible to assist in translation. The MoveSpring support team does not offer phone support. All tickets are replied to via email or our in-app support messenger.

Our support team can be reached via email at, from the ‘Message support’ button in the mobile app, and from the blue chat icon on the MoveSpring website. You can share this resource with users so they can understand their options on how to contact MoveSpring technical support.

Admin Support

Upon purchasing a MoveSpring plan, you will be assigned a client success rep who will support you in making the most of MoveSpring. Your client success rep can advise on questions around your challenge goals, how to best engage your users in the app, and on other program-specific questions. They will let you know their business hours and will respond to questions you may have as quickly as possible within these hours to ensure everything is running smoothly.

In addition to being assigned a client success rep, you can also contact the MoveSpring support team for any technical support inquiries. Questions that should be sent to MoveSpring technical support instead of your client success rep include questions around connecting a device, troubleshooting a syncing issue, or other technical issues with the app or admin center.

Please note: Our client success team is primarily English-speaking. Client success is not offered at this time in languages other than English.

Language and Content

The MoveSpring mobile app is available in the following languages:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Canadian French

If a user’s mobile device is set to Spanish or Canadian French, the MoveSpring app will be shown in this language. Otherwise, the MoveSpring app will be displayed in English.

What text is translated in the MoveSpring mobile app?

Any copy that is hard-coded into the user app is translated into the languages listed above. This includes a user’s activity on their dashboard, their challenges, their user profile and settings, etc.

Please note: This does not include announcements, content, and chat messages. These will appear in the language they were posted in and will not be translated.

In addition, the following resources are only available in English:

  • MoveSpring Help Center

  • Admin Center

  • Content Library, including Content Collections

You can learn more about language support (localization) in MoveSpring here, including best practices for a multi-lingual workforce.


If you have additional questions, please contact your client success rep or our support team. Our support team can be reached by clicking the blue chat icon in the lower righthand corner of this article.

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