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Should I enable the Explore feature?
Should I enable the Explore feature?

Learn more about the benefits of enabling the Explore feature for your users

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What is the Explore feature?

Explore is a feature in MoveSpring that gives your users access to on-demand mental, physical, and nutritional wellness content straight from the MoveSpring mobile app.* The Explore tab offers a variety of videos, audio clips, and recipes that your users can engage with to support their wellbeing. Learn more about the in-app user experience here.

*Note: This feature is currently accessible only on the MoveSpring mobile app, and is available to all annual plan clients (Pro and Ultimate plan levels).

Why should I enable the Explore feature?

  • Year-round engagement, and no admin management required! The Explore feature provides ongoing, year-round value to your users with no management work from you. Our team at MoveSpring will continue to update the Explore feature regularly with new workouts, recipes, meditations, and more from our content partners for your users to engage with.

  • Provide holistic wellbeing content to your users in a convenient location. With just a few taps on their mobile devices, users can access a variety of resources aimed at improving their mental, physical, and nutritional wellbeing.

  • Offer wellbeing content in a variety of categories. Your employees are unique. The Explore feature allows users to browse through a variety of resources and engage with content that resonates with them. Users also have the ability to save content for later by using the bookmark icon for content in Explore.

  • Gain wellbeing insights for future challenge ideas and more. With Explore analytics available in the admin center, learn which kinds of content have been viewed the most in your organization to better understand the interests of your group. This knowledge can inform future challenge ideas or other wellbeing-focused initiatives for your organization. Learn more about Explore analytics and reporting here.


Where is Explore content coming from?

We have partnered with an external content partner to provide the content in Explore. Workouts are run by engaging, professional trainers, recipes have been carefully developed by a professional chef, and mind and sleep content comes from a variety of health and wellness experts. The MoveSpring team also reviews all content that is included in Explore before it is available in the app for users to engage with. For more information about our content partner and content sources, please request this information from your client success representative.

How often does content update in Explore?

When a user first opens the Explore tab, they will be greeted by a daily content recommendation, plus rotating weekly highlights and featured content so that there’s always something new to discover. In addition to featured content, our team also plans to regularly add new content into the Explore feature, so keep an eye out for new content to engage with.

Can I add my own content in the Explore tab?

It is not possible to add your own content into the Explore feature at this time. All content currently comes from the MoveSpring team.

Can I edit or manage which content is shown to my users?

It is not possible to remove or edit any of the content shown within the Explore feature at this time. If you have questions or feedback about the content shared in Explore, please reach out to our support team.

What language and region is the content optimized for?

If your organization has users who will be participating from all over the world, please note that the Explore content is available in US English at this time. All relevant recipes do include both Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature readings.

Can I preview the content before I decide to enable?

You cannot preview the Explore tab before enabling, but you can enable Explore from your Client App Settings and view the available content from your MoveSpring account in the app. If you change your mind and decide to disable, you can return to your Client App Settings and toggle the feature off.

Can I see which content is most popular among my organization?

Yes. When you enable Explore, you will notice a new ‘Explore’ page in the top navigation bar of the admin center. This page allows you to view at-a-glance which content is most popular at your organization for the past year, quarter, and month. You can also pull Explore reports for additional insights, including usage by custom date ranges and more. Learn more about Explore analytics and reporting here.

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