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How do I use the Explore tab on web?
How do I use the Explore tab on web?

Learn how to navigate Explore to access on-demand recipes, workouts, meditations, and educational videos from the MoveSpring website

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What is Explore?

The Explore tab features on-demand mental, physical, and nutritional wellness content in the MoveSpring app.

Explore offers a variety of videos, audio clips, and recipes that you can take advantage of to help you achieve your wellness goals. So whether you’re looking to cook more often, incorporate more workouts into your routine, or start a daily meditation practice, we’ve got you covered.

The feature is available on both the mobile app and online at For guidance on navigating Explore from the mobile app, click here.

How do I navigate the Explore tab on web?

Accessing Explore

To access the Explore tab on web, go to, log in, and select Explore in the top navigation bar*:

*Note: If you do not see Explore here, your challenge administrator has not enabled this feature for your organization at this time.

Navigating Explore topics

When you first open Explore, you'll find a Featured page highlighting a daily recommendation, content to complete in under 15 minutes, plus content you've saved and weekly highlights by topic.

To dive deeper into a specific category of content, use the navigation bar at the top to select a topic and see related content:

You'll have the option to select from the following topics: Workout, Mind, Recipes, and Sleep. Once you’ve selected a topic, scroll down to see all recipes, videos, or audio clips associated with each section.

Filter a topic by tags to see only relevant results

The content available within each topic can be filtered so that you can easily access the content you’re looking for. To filter the content within a topic, use the tags available to you at the top of each section:

What kinds of content can I access within Explore?

In each Explore section, you will find videos, audio clips, and/or recipes related to the section you’ve chosen. You can learn more about each type of content available in Explore below.


This is a preview of how a video will appear. To play the video, select the play icon. You will also have the option to play the video in full screen if desired.


This is a preview of how an audio clip will appear. To play the audio clip, select the play icon.


This is a preview of how a recipe will appear. You’ll find a difficulty rating for each recipe at the top, along with the recipe description and image.

Each recipe will also include an estimated prep time, servings, and calories per serving. To access ingredients and instructions for each recipe, scroll down. Here you’ll find ingredients and instructions for the recipe:

Use the checkbox next to each step to mark your progress while cooking and use the “Clear all steps” button to reset your recipe when you’re done.

How to bookmark and access saved content on web

If you come across a video, recipe, or audio clip you want to come back to later, you can save it using the bookmark icon shown here:

When you’re ready to return to your saved content, just go to the Saved section of the Explore tab:


If you have any questions, please contact the MoveSpring Support Team.

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