Please follow these steps to sign up for a MoveSpring account using the MoveSpring mobile application: 

  1. Select 'Sign up' to sign up for a MoveSpring account
  2. Enter your organization's code. This code can be found in the onboarding email sent out by your challenge admin. Once you've entered your organization's code, select 'Sign up' again
  3. Confirm your organization by selecting 'Confirm' (If your organization isn't correct, select the "<" arrow at the top)

4. Fill out any additional information, enter your first and last name, your email and password, and then check the box to agree to MoveSpring's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  When you're done filling out each section, select 'Continue' 

5. Personalize your profile by selecting a photo and a username. Then, select continue and connect your device by selecting it from the list below. Follow the prompts to connect your device and allow MoveSpring to access your activity data when prompted by selecting 'Allow'

6. Congratulations! Your MoveSpring account has successfully been created and you should now be redirected to your MoveSpring dashboard. Learn how to navigate the MoveSpring dashboard here

Happy Stepping!

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