Use reports to find out who is syncing.. and who isn't...

Before a challenge starts, pull a User Report (under "User Reports") and sort by the "Active Challenges" column to see all the participants in your current challenge. Then, focus on the "Last Sync Date". Sorting by this column, determine which users last synced more than a week ago. Copy their emails, and send them an email reminding them to sync frequently and to reach out to MoveSpring support, if they cannot get connected. 

Use reports to build excitement during the challenge.

During your challenge, pull a challenge report based on the modes you're using (streak, target, etc). Use a content module, or your challenge chat, to announce current stats that users can't see. For example, in a streak or target, announce how many total steps or active minutes you've hit as a group. For a challenge with a team module, announce the overall average steps of all the teams. 

Use reports to learn more about your group

There's no need to be running a challenge to take a peak at your group's overall data. Run a User Report to see your group's 30 day step, distance, or active minutes averages. What percentage of your participants have an average of 10k steps or more? If the majority of your group has a step average below 5k a day, make it your goal to increase that average over your next few challenges. 

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