Overview of Device Data vs. Logged Activities

Device data is data that is synced from a user's wearable device or smartphone, such as steps, distance, and active minutes, while logged activities are self-reported actions not tracked by a device. Logged activities are available with Custom Activity Challenges. Learn more about the differences between each type of challenge data below.

Device Data

Device data is data that is synced from a user's wearable device or smartphone. When a user connects a supported device to their MoveSpring account, we will begin to sync the steps, distance, and active minutes recorded by that device into their MoveSpring account.

For example, let's say a user connects their Apple Watch via the Apple Health app to MoveSpring. This means that any step, distance, and active minute data tracked by their Apple Health app will automatically sync into MoveSpring when they open up the MoveSpring app.

To sync device data into a challenge, all a user has to do is 1) connect a device and 2) open the MoveSpring app regularly to sync their data.

Challenges based on device data are the most popular challenge format and require little effort once a device is connected. It's also more difficult to cheat when syncing from a device, since data comes directly from a user's connected wearable device or app. All 9 challenge modes can be run based on device data.

Logged Activities

Logged activities are self-reported actions not tracked by a device. To log an activity for a challenge, users will use the MoveSpring mobile app to check off that they completed a custom activity specified by their challenge admin.

To participate in a Custom Activity Challenge, users will need to manually log the completion of the custom activity every day by going into the app and marking the daily activity as complete. Users can log activities up to 7 days in the past. You can learn more about how users can log activities from the app here.

Note: Due to the nature of logged activities, we cannot verify the validity of self-reported actions.

When a user logs an activity, their completion of the activity will be scored into either a Streak and Stick to it! challenge and their challenge scores will be updated accordingly. As an admin, you'll be able to pull a Streak or Stick to it! report to view data on your user's logged activities.

Get Creative!

Since you can track anything with Custom Activity Challenges, don't be afraid to get creative! Check out this blog post for inspiration for your next Custom Activity Challenge.

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