How to Create a Content Campaign

Learn how to create a content campaign that will be displayed on the dashboard

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What is a Content Campaign?

A content campaign allows you to upload articles, videos and posts to the mobile app dashboard.* Content campaigns allow you to share content with users even when they are not in a challenge. Just like with challenge content, you can choose to make your content actionable so users can mark each post as complete.

Use content campaigns to motivate and educate your users before, during and after challenges.

*Note: Dashboard content campaigns only appear in the mobile app at this time. Content campaigns will not appear on the web app dashboard.

Accessing Campaigns

1. From the MoveSpring Admin Center, click on the Campaigns tab from the side navigation menu.

2. Next, you will see the option to select Announcements or Content. Select Content:

3. From here, you can upload your own content or select content from our MoveSpring library:
โ€‹Note: If you have content notifications enabled in your Account Settings, each item of content uploaded will have an associated push notification.

4. You can also choose to make your content actionable.* This means users will be able to check off a content item once they have completed it:

5. Once you've uploaded all of your content and selected the date you want it to post on the dashboard, your content campaign is complete!

The End User Experience

Once your content campaign begins, users will be able to see the published content on their dashboard under Challenges:

Best Practice Tips:

  1. There is no end date for each piece of content, so if you wish to remove it from the dashboard, you can log into the MoveSpring Admin Center to delete it.

  2. Follow the steps outlined here if you wish to pull a report on the content campaign. You would select Engagement Reports > Content Reports > and look for the Dashboard Campaign option.

  3. We recommend running a report before deleting old content in preparation for a new campaign. Once the content is deleted, there will no longer be any data to pull the report from.

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