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Group Goal Best Practices

Best practice tips for running your group goal challenge

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If you're looking for teamwork and collaboration our group goal challenges are a great choice! You will set one collective goal that all challenge participants pitch into. Follow our best practices to run a successful group goal challenge for your users.

Group Goal Challenge Modes

We have 3 group challenge modes:

Group Race

Group Race allows participants to take on a fun, illustrated map together by combining the distance totals of all participants into one score. All participants will help move a mile marker through the map to unlock milestones and new scenes together! Note: group race goals are distance specific.

Group Target

Group Target combines the activity totals of all participants to achieve a collective goal. Set a total steps, distance, or minutes goal for the group to reach over a specified period of time. We calculate an average individual target for every participant to work towards. This is great for team building and less competitive groups.

Group Target Fundraiser

Encourage your participants to step for a good cause. For a certain amount of steps, distance, or minutes moved, your organization or another donor commits to donate a specified amount. Note: any donation will be handled by the client & challenge admins.

With each of these challenge modes, you can select a group goal that everyone contributes to.

Group Goal Best Practice Tips

Setting Up a Group Goal

Selecting a group goal to base your challenge on is an essential aspect of the challenge as whole. You want to make sure that you select a goal that is realistic, yet challenging to achieve. View our help guide here on how to set up the best group goal for your team's challenge.

*Should I set up an activity cap? Since group goal challenges are a great way to get your team to work together towards one common goal, we recommend not setting an activity cap so everyone's entire effort, or complete data, is accounted for within the progress towards meeting the goal.

Adding Other Modes

Successful challenges often have multiple activity modes included. With our group modes we suggest adding on an individual goal mode. This way participants can track their own progress and contribution to the overall group goal.

We recommend adding on one of the following individual challenges, but you can also view our complete list here.

Pro tip: Use the exact pace and metric used in your group goal calculation!


Streak modules encourage healthy habits as users try to meet a step, distance, or minutes goal every day for a specified period of time. Users should try to meet their daily goal as many days in a row as possible to achieve a streak.

Stick to it

Ease into a healthy habit. Set a daily steps, distance, or minutes goal, then determine the total number of times you want participants to meet it over the course of a challenge. It’s okay if you miss a few days!

Revisit your goal before the challenge starts

A few days before the challenge starts we recommend revisiting your group goal. You'll want to take a look at total participants signed up so far and the activity average they've been syncing in. This way you can see how your estimations in your group goal calculation match up to the actual participation and activity averages you're seeing. You can easily edit your group goal before and after the challenge starts.

Mid-Challenge Check-In

Once you've reached the halfway point of the challenge, it's always a good idea to take a look at the data to see how close the group is to achieving the group goal. Pull the challenge report that corresponds with the group mode used to view progress and/or pop into the challenge admin center to get a quick view. From here determine whether you need to lower or raise the group goal. Follow instructions linked here to edit your group goal after the challenge has started.

If your participants have achieved the group goal a few days before the end of the challenge, that's great! You can always update users by sending an announcement (click here for instructions on sending an announcement). And not to worry, group progress continues to score even after the goal has been met. You can even motivate your team by asking the question, "How much farther can we move before the challenge ends?"

End of Challenge

Once the challenge is over, your users will be able to clearly see if the group goal was achieved. Pull a challenge report based on the group mode you used to view individual and group progress. You might even consider highlighting participants that went above and beyond with syncing daily, engaging others in the chat, and contributing a high amount of steps, distance, or minutes.

Don't forget to congratulate your participants if everyone's efforts resulted in reaching the group goal (or maybe even going beyond the group goal!). If your users didn't achieve the group goal, no worries, there's always next time!

All in all, group goal challenges are a favorite for a reason. Everyone within an organization gets the opportunity to come together as a whole to contribute to a goal that may seem hard to tackle at first glance. But with everyone's efforts, and these tips, you are sure to set up and run a successful group goal challenge!

If you have any questions around team leaderboard best practice tips, please reach out to your client success manager or contact the MoveSpring support team.

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