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Using the Movespring Racetrack Creator
Should I use a preset racetrack or upload my own custom design?
Should I use a preset racetrack or upload my own custom design?

Learn more about the difference between using one of our preset racetracks and creating your own custom map in our Racetrack Creator!

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Choosing a racetrack

When you include a Virtual or Group Race mode in a challenge, you'll need to select a racetrack theme. Most admins choose to go with one of our preset racetracks, but if you're feeling creative, you can choose to create your own milestones for a preset MoveSpring map or to create your own map with optional milestones through the MoveSpring Racetrack Creator!

Need help choosing which route is best for you? Read more about your options below!

Using a preset racetrack

Most admins choose to use one of our fun and engaging preset racetracks! We do the work for you by creating the maps and accompanying milestones. You don't need to use our Custom Racetrack Creator at all with this option and can jump right into challenge creation.

This is the best option if you don't have a ton of time to spend on challenge creation or if you're trying to get your challenge started ASAP. Creating a custom racetrack requires more time overall, so using our preset racetracks is the fastest option. Explore our ever growing library of preset maps here to see the options currently available.

If you decide to use a preset MoveSpring racetrack, this video can help walk you through the steps from the Racetrack Creator:

Customizing a racetrack

When creating a custom racetrack, you have the choice of using an existing map from the MoveSpring library and customizing the milestones, or creating an entirely custom map and optional milestones yourself. All custom racetracks need to be made in the Custom Racetrack Creator before you can upload them to your challenge.

This is a great option if you are feeling creative and have a theme or milestone content that you are excited to share with your users! Note that you will need to spend more time creating the map and/or the milestones, and it requires more work on the front end. The payoff is a more personalized and custom approach to your Virtual Race for you and your participants!

There are two ways to customize a racetrack:

1. Uploading milestones to a preset map

This option allows you to use an existing map from the MoveSpring library and customize the milestone content. The map, path, and the number of scenes cannot be altered, but you will be able to upload anywhere from 1 to 20 milestones with your own custom content.

For a full guide to adding custom milestones to a map, click here.

Note that if you use a map from the MoveSpring library in the Racetrack Creator, you will be required to customize milestones. To use a map from the MoveSpring library with the existing milestones or with milestones turned off, there is no need to customize a racetrack before creating your challenge.

2. Uploading a custom map and optional milestones

This option allows you to upload your own custom map! You should choose this option if you have a specific theme or images you want to feature in a map that are unavailable in our existing library of options. The sky's the limit here—be creative and make a map unique to your organization and challenge goals!

For a full guide to uploading a custom map, click here.

When uploading a custom map, you can choose whether or not you'd like to include milestones for your map by toggling to "Yes" or "No". Toggling milestones on allows you to fully customize both the map and the milestone content. Toggling milestones off allows you just to customize the map; your users will not unlock any milestones as they race across the map.

Scenarios & Recommendations

Examples of Customizing a Racetrack

Choosing a preset racetrack and customizing milestones:

If you want to travel across the USA but don't have the time to create a new map, our Cross-Country map is a great option. You can customize the milestones to highlight different national corporate office locations.

Travel across the country from one city to another. You'll experience a variety of terrains including lakes, forests, deserts, farms and mountains!

If you want to recreate an in-person race experience without making your own map, choose our Race to the Finish Line map for an exciting race-day feel. You can customize the milestones to highlight corporate sponsors or charities your organization is stepping for.

Simulate an in-person race experience. Stride your way through a variety of common race scenes, complete with cheering fans, steep hills, and a fun, finish line final

Customizing a map and optional milestones:

If you want to highlight your company's various locations or offices in your map, upload images of national offices or cities where your organization is based as scenes. Choose to customize the milestone content to share more information about each office location, or choose to turn off milestones and just focus on racing from office to office!

Highlight the cities your remote employees work in or that you have offices in. This custom map for MoveSpring shouts out our employees working in Portland, Chicago, Austin, and Atlanta!

Inspiration for Custom Maps

Here are some of our favorite custom map ideas!

  • National/global offices. Travel across your corporate offices, highlighting the staff, locations, or projects worked on at various sites!

  • Seasonal/holiday. Want to highlight a holiday, sporting event, or other cultural phenomenon that we haven't made a map for? Create your own!

  • Wellness topics. Focus on a journey to better sleep, eating more fruits and veggies, practicing mindfulness, and more! Share tips, recipes, and ideas in the content to encourage your participants to step for their health.

  • Virtual around-the-world tours! Walk across your city, state, country, or around the world. Highlight popular destinations and landmarks along the route as your milestones!

  • Fundraising/charity. Travel across a map that highlights images from a chosen charity you are donating to or raising funds for, and share facts about the organization in the milestones.

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