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Should I Use a Challenge Template to Create My Challenge?
Should I Use a Challenge Template to Create My Challenge?

Guidance to help you decide if you should use a challenge template for your next challenge in MoveSpring

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What are challenge templates?

When creating a challenge from the MoveSpring Admin Center, you have the option to either create a challenge from scratch or create a challenge using one of our challenge templates.

The challenge template feature enables you to create a full challenge from the MoveSpring Admin Center in just a few clicks of a button. Each template is a unique challenge idea with all the required details baked in, allowing you the opportunity to create challenges for your organization quickly and easily, without having to do any creative heavy-lifting.

Note: This feature is only available to annual plan clients (Pro and Ultimate plan levels). It is not available to One-time clients.

Each challenge template contains the following:

  • Challenge name, description, and image

  • Duration range to select from

  • Challenge set up, including modules and suggested goals

  • Automated communications to your members through challenge reminder announcements & content (if applicable)

When creating a challenge from a template, the only information you are required to enter is:

  • A challenge start date

  • A group goal for challenges that contain a group module

All other information will be automatically filled in via the template! You will be able to review the entire challenge set up, preview any scheduled content, and make edits to challenge details and goals if desired before creating the challenge.

General vs. Themed categories:

There are 2 categories of Challenge Templates you can select from:

  • General — our general templates are typically challenges that can be run at any time of year, and are designed so you can run them repeatedly. They represent our most popular and most successful challenge set ups, pairing activity modules that we know typically work well together.

  • Themed — our themed templates focus on either a specific health topic or a time of year, meaning some of them are more seasonal in nature. Because these rely heavily on themed content and communications, we typically recommend against repeating these templates within a calendar year as the material could feel repetitive for your members.

When should I use a challenge template vs. creating a challenge from scratch?

It is up to you to determine if one of our templates will suit your needs. Below are some suggestions to help you decide between using one of our templates or making a challenge from scratch.

We recommend using a MoveSpring challenge template if…

  • You are newer to MoveSpring — templates offer guidance on successful challenge set-ups

  • You want to run a straight-forward movement challenge for your group — you can use one of our General templates

  • You want to run a themed or seasonal challenge for your group — you can use one of our Themed templates

  • You are pressed for time — challenge templates are fast and easy to use, and require less time to set up than creating a challenge from scratch

We recommend creating your own challenge from scratch if…

  • You have a specific theme or idea you want to cover that we do not yet have a template for in our library

  • You want to run a challenge that is highly specific to your organization, such as creating a Virtual Race map that takes your members to each of your company’s office locations, or organizing a challenge for a work event like a health fair

  • You have a particular set up of modules you want to use that we do not offer in a template

Overall, challenge templates can be useful for almost anyone! Note, however, that they are intended to be broad in scope, as we have designed them to apply to most clients across varying organization sizes and industries, and to address common wellbeing themes and habits. If you have a very specific need or are very familiar with our platform and what types of challenges you want to run, creating your own challenge from scratch might suit you better.

You can mix and match!

You can create some challenges with our templates, and create others from scratch yourself. There are no limits to how many challenges you can create from the library and how many you create on your own. That said, we typically recommend only running between 2 and 6 challenges in a calendar year to maintain engagement and avoid challenge burnout.

Ready to create your next challenge? Head to the MoveSpring Admin Center, or click here for more guidance on using a challenge template.

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