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Should I Enable the Wellbeing Calendar Feature?
Should I Enable the Wellbeing Calendar Feature?

Learn more about the benefits of enabling the Wellness Calendar feature.

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What is the Wellbeing Calendar feature?

The MoveSpring Wellbeing Calendar is a feature that allows you to create, display, and manage company events right in the MoveSpring app. From the MoveSpring Admin Center, you’ll be able to add events across six event categories and manage attendee RSVPs. Learn more about the in-app user experience here.

Note: This feature is currently only accessible to users on the MoveSpring mobile app. The Wellness Calendar is available on the Pro and Ultimate plans.

What are the benefits of using the Wellbeing Calendar feature?

The Wellbeing Calendar is a powerful addition to your wellness program, enabling you to:

  • Build excitement for company and wellbeing events. It’s easier than ever to stay connected with your employees and get them excited about upcoming events. Keep your users in the know about upcoming initiatives, challenges, and social events directly from the MoveSpring mobile app.

  • Track event engagement and share key resources. With the optional RSVP feature, you’ll have visibility into real-time RSVPs from the Admin Center. Plus, if you’d like to link out to a resource from your calendar event, we’ve got you covered. When creating an event, you’ll have the option to add a custom link that navigates to a webpage of your choice.

  • Promote company events in a variety of categories. Easily categorize and organize your events to make them easy to view at-a-glance. Users can view events across multiple categories in one centralized calendar, or filter to view specific categories.

  • Plan ahead flexibly and conveniently. Still finalizing your event details? No worries! You can simply designate an event date as ‘TBD’ when adding the event to the calendar. You will be able to edit the event later to add your finalized time and date.


Which challenges will show up in the Wellbeing Calendar?

Current and upcoming challenges created in the MoveSpring admin center that are set to public will automatically show your Wellbeing Calendar. All users in your MoveSpring client account will have the option to join this challenge from the calendar. Challenges will be visible on the calendar until the end of the challenge grace period.

If you do not wish for a challenge to appear on the Wellbeing Calendar, you will need to keep the challenge visibility set to hidden.

Can I include both an RSVP and a custom link in my event?

No. You must select only one event action during event creation.

Can I customize the audience of my events?

No. At this time, all users in your MoveSpring client account will be able to see events published to the Wellbeing Calendar.

Can I view past events in the admin center?

Yes, you can view past events by toggling from active events to past events in the Calendar Tab in the Admin Center. You can also view RSVPs for past events directly in the Admin Center, or by pulling a Calendar Event RSVPs Report from the Reporting tab in the admin center.

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