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How to Invite Users to your Challenge
How to Invite Users to your Challenge

Follow these steps to invite users to your challenge directly from the MoveSpring Admin Center.

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After creating a challenge, your next step is inviting users to join. If this is your first challenge in MoveSpring, you’ll need to invite your users to create an account in the app to join in the fun. Click here to learn how to invite new users to MoveSpring.

For subsequent challenges, you can either manually add users directly into the challenge, or you can invite your users to join the challenge. You can do so via an in-app invite sent straight to your users’ MoveSpring account, or via an invite link you can share outside of the app. Read on to learn about these two methods.

How to Invite Users Using an In-app Invite

  1. From the Challenges tab in the Admin Center, click on the name of the challenge you want to invite users to.

  2. Select the Invites tab below your challenge details.

  3. Select Send In-app Invite in the upper right-hand corner.

  4. Select users to invite. The pop-up will only show existing users who have not already joined the challenge. You’ll have the option to send invites by searching a first name, last name, nickname, and/or email to find a specific user in your account.

    Add individual users by searching or scrolling through the list and selecting. You can add all users to the challenge by clicking Add All Users.

    You can also add users from another challenge, or via any supplemental questions you have set up on your client account.

  5. After making your selections, click the Send Invite button. Confirm your invite on the pop-up screen by selecting Send Invite once more.

  6. All users selected will receive an in-app invite. Invites are visible to users on the MoveSpring dashboard on both the mobile and desktop apps.

Managing Sent Invites

In the invites tab, you’ll also be able to view and manage your previously sent in-app invites. Users that appear in this table have been invited to the challenge, but have not yet accepted and joined.

Filtering Invites

To browse invited users, you’ll be able to filter by any supplemental questions you have set up for your client account. To filter, simply select a supplemental field, or click Clear All to reset your selections.

Cancelling Invites

To cancel an invite, follow the steps below.

  1. Select the box next to each existing user you’d like to un-invite, or click Select All to select all users.

  2. Click the Cancel Invites button to un-invite selected users from the challenge. This will remove the challenge invitation from their dashboard, but will not remove any push notifications already received. Once you’ve cancelled an invite, you will either need to manually add the user to the challenge or they will need to join on their own to participate.

How to Invite Users Using an Invite Link

You can also invite users to your challenge using your challenge link. To do so, select the Copy Invite Link button, and send the link to any users you’d like to invite via email, messaging platform, etc.

A challenge link can be used to invite existing MoveSpring users, as well as users who have not yet created their MoveSpring account.

For users who do not yet have a MoveSpring account, clicking the link will direct them to download the mobile app or bring them to From there, they can create their account associated with your organization and automatically join the challenge.

If a user is logged into their existing MoveSpring account, Clicking the invite link will add them to the challenge if a user is logged into their existing MoveSpring account.


Why don’t I see the Invites tab on my challenge page?

  • If you have a final join date set for your challenge, the Invites tab will disappear once the final join date has passed. To add or remove users from your challenge after the final join date has passed, follow the instructions here.

Where does an in-app invite appear for users?

  • On mobile and desktop, challenge invites will appear in the MoveSpring dashboard, between the Your Activity and your Challenges section.

Will users receive a push notification when I send them an in-app invite?

How long will the in-app invite be visible from a user’s dashboard?

  • An in-app invite will appear on a user’s dashboard until accepted, or until the final join date has passed. If there is no final join date set, invites that have not been accepted will remain on a user’s dashboard until the challenge ends.

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