The announcements feature in MoveSpring is a great way to stay connected with users and notify them of upcoming challenges, final scores, company wellness information or to send participant shout-outs! Admins can use this feature to notify participants through an in-app notification with the option to add a push notification on their mobile device's home screen.

For ideas of what to send via announcements, use our suggested templates below. Most of these announcements can be used with any challenge and can be personalized to fit your needs. Try to schedule at least one announcement a week to keep your participants informed and engaged throughout the challenge. Announcements will only show on the dashboard for 10 days, or until replaced with another announcement.

Note: any text in brackets needs to be updated with your own information.

Challenge Announcements

Upcoming challenge announcement

Title: New day, new challenge❗️

Description: We're on to the next one! πŸŽ‰

Get excited for [UPCOMING CHALLENGE NAME]! This challenge will begin on [DATE] and your goal is to [GOAL OF CHALLENGE].

Are you ready? Let's go! Join the upcoming challenge by clicking the link below. 🌟

Call to action button text: Join the challenge

Call to action button link: [CHALLENGE LINK]

Challenge kick-off announcement

Title: Ready- set- action! 🎬

Description: It's day one of our [CHALLENGE NAME]! Lace up your sneakers and get ready to put your best foot forward. You've got this! πŸ‘

As a reminder, our challenge runs from [STARTING DATE] to [ENDING DATE]. Let's start off strong and happy stepping to all! πŸ‘Ÿ

Sync reminder

Title: Sync, sync, sync! πŸ”„

Description: Make sure you're getting credit for all that hard-earned activity! We recommend syncing at least once a day to make sure challenge stats are accurate and up to date. βœ…

If you need any help with the app or syncing, contact the MoveSpring support team via email at or from the "Message support" button in the app.

Happy syncing! πŸ”„

Habit logging reminder

Title: Did you log today? πŸ’‘

Description: Don't forget to log as you complete your [CUSTOM ACTIVITY]! βœ”οΈ

If you forgot to log a day, no worries. You can log your habit for the past 7 days. Just head to your Dashboard > Log an Activity > Log for today. Change the date shown to log a previous day.

Let's keep those habits alive. πŸ”₯

If you need help, contact the MoveSpring support team via email at or from the "Message support" button in the app.

Reminder to join a team (team challenges)

Title: Teams, assemble! ⚑️

Description: We hope you're ready for our upcoming team challenge starting on [DATE]!

Just as a reminder, if you haven't already joined a team, be sure to do so by [DATE]!

Just select the Challenges tab from the bottom nav bar in the app > locate the [CHALLENGE NAME] > select Join a team.

Good luck and may the best team win! πŸ†

Reminder to sync or be removed (team challenges)

Title: Make time to sync ⏰

Description: Are you and your team ready to get steppin'? Let's start off strong by making some time each day to sync your device.

A friendly reminder: users who have not synced after [X] days from the start date will be removed from the challenge. Your team is counting on you! πŸ’ͺ

Good luck to all the teams competing and happy stepping!

Shout-out (individual - activity)

Title: Progress update πŸ“ˆ

Description: Great job so far! We are so impressed with your dedication and tenacity in the challenge so far. ✨

A special congrats to our 3 top contributors so far: πŸ‘




πŸ’‘ Remember to keep syncing!

If you need help, contact the MoveSpring support team via email at or from the "Message support" button in the app.

Shout-out (individual - improvement)

Title: Way to go! πŸ…

Description: When you focus on beating your own records instead of competing with others, you're taking small steps to get closer to your goals. That's why today, we're recognizing some of our most improved participants from [TIMEFRAME 1] to [TIMEFRAME 2]! πŸ“ˆ

These participants have shown huge improvements over time and deserve lots of high-fives for their dedication!

Let's hear it for: πŸ“£




Congrats on staying dedicated and crushing your goals! 🎯

Shout-out (individual - engagement)

Title: Engagement superstars! 🌟

Description: Time for a round of applause! While our top steppers always get automatic bragging rights, this time we're recognizing our most engaged participants. πŸ‘

This shout-out goes out to those who are consistent in visiting the app, giving likes & comments, and sending chat messages to the group. πŸ’¬

Our special congrats go to:




Thanks for bringing some positivity and encouragement to our group. ❀️

Shout-out (group/teams - activity)

Title: Weekly Wrap Up! πŸŒ€

Description: So how'd we do this week, teams? 🀩

We have a lot to be proud of. For this week of our challenge:

  • We have synced a total of [X] steps into the challenge.

  • As a group, we're averaging [X] steps daily.

  • We've travelled [X] [MILES/KMS] with our stepping so far!

Looks like [LEADING TEAM] is in the lead but there's still plenty of time to knock them out! Don't forget to sync your device to keep your team going strong. πŸ‘

Goal achievement announcement

Title: You did it! 🌟

Description: Just like that - we reached our challenge goal of [CHALLENGE GOAL] with [NUMBER OF DAYS LEFT IN CHALLENGE] to spare!

Optional - if running a Group Target Fundraiser- Your stepping has unlocked a $[XX] donation to [CHARITY]! ❀️

Congrats to every single one of you for your hard work and dedication. πŸ† Now let's continue stepping until the very end!

Challenge ending announcement

Title: It's the final countdown!

Description: We're in the final stretch of the challenge with just [NUMBER OF DAYS LEFT IN CHALLENGE] days left. While we've already come so far, it's not time to stop just yet! Let's give it our all for the final days! πŸ’ͺ

The challenge has a 3 day grace period directly after our end date, which will allow you extra time to sync your data into the challenge.

Let's keep up the stepping and don't forget to keep syncing! Every last step counts! πŸ’―

Final scores announcement

Title: The results are in! πŸ…

Description: That's a wrap, folks! Congrats to everyone who participated in [CHALLENGE NAME]. We hope you enjoyed it!

In total, we completed:

  • [00] steps πŸ‘Ÿ

  • [00] miles/[00] km ⭐️

We also sent [00] chat messages! Thanks for all the friendly banter and fun images that were shared! πŸ’¬ πŸ’ͺ

Last but not least, our prize winners are... πŸ₯ -[PARTICIPANT] -[PARTICIPANT] -[PARTICIPANT]

If you were selected, please contact [EMAIL ADDRESS] to collect your prize. πŸŽ‰

Feature Announcements

User-created challenges enabled

Title: Create your own challenges!

Description: On the mobile app, you can now create your own challenges up to 31 days long, and invite up to [X] friends to join in on the fun! Choose between a Leaderboard, Daily Habit, Virtual Race, Streak, or Target challenge!

Now, go enjoy some friendly competition! πŸ’ͺ ✨

Call to action button text: Create a challenge

Call to action button link:

Image (Right click to 'Save Image As'):

<a href="/>

Friends feature enabled

Title: Introducing Friends!

Description: You can now add friends for ongoing, daily competition with those you know best! Once friends with someone, you can keep up with their daily stats even when you’re not in a challenge. You can also send friends direct messages in chat and view more of their profile. πŸ‘€

Let's make some friends and keep each other motivated! 🌟

Call to action button text: Learn more

Call to action button link:

Image (Right click to 'Save Image As'):

<a href="/>

Activity Conversion

Title: Convert & log activities!

Description: Guess what? πŸ‘€

If you're looking to count your swimming, cycling, yoga, or other favorite non-stepping activity towards your MoveSpring challenges, you're in luck! πŸ€

We've just enabled activity override, which will allow you to edit totals synced from your connected fitness device.

Tap 'Edit activity' on your dashboard to add your converted steps; just make sure to enter at the end of the day so syncing doesn't get interrupted!

Click below to check out the converter! 😎

Call to action button text: Learn more

Call to action button link:

Image (Right click to 'Save Image As'):

Badges enabled

Title: Earn badges!

Description: Earn Badges for participating in challenges, engaging with the community and more.

Check 'em out! You can quickly access Badges by scrolling to the bottom of your mobile dashboard. Or, see a full list of Badges in your mobile profile! πŸ…

Note: For now, Badges are only available on mobile.

Call to action button text: Learn more

Call to action button link:

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