Navigating the Users Tab

Learn how to manage users in your account; enable the activity converter/manual activity entry, edit supplemental, and more in the Users tab

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Accessing the Users Tab

The Users tab allows you to view and manage user accounts from the MoveSpring Admin Center. All users who sign up under your client account will appear in the Users tab. 

To access this tab, please log into the Admin Center and select the Users tab from the side navigation menu:

The 50 most recent users who signed up under your account will appear here on the first page. Use the arrows at the bottom to navigate between each page to view additional users, or use the search bar at the top to search for an individual user. You can search by first name, last name, username, and/or email to find a user in your account. You can also filter your results by device brands or Supplemental fields if applicable.

You'll also have the option to remove a user directly from this page. Just check the box in the left hand column to select a user and then select the Remove button at the top to remove that user from your organization's account. 

Please note: Removing a user is a final action. User data will be removed and cannot be recovered.

Viewing Individual User Accounts

You can view more details about an individual user by clicking on an individual user's name, as shown here:

User Overview

Once you've selected a user, you'll be brought to the User Overview page. You'll see the user's name and profile photo at the top of your screen, the options to enable manual activity entry and/or activity converter, the option to delete the user's account, and sections displaying Member Information, an Activity Summary, and the user's Supplemental & Eligibility responses if applicable.

How to enable manual activity entry

The manual activity entry toggle allows you to enable manual activity entry for a specific user's account. Turning on manual activity entry allows that user to add activity entries to supplement their activity totals in MoveSpring. Learn more about enabling manual activity entry here.

How to enable the activity converter

The activity converter toggle allows you to enable the activity converter for a specific user's account. Turning on the activity converter allows that user to convert time spent performing various common activities (biking, yoga, pilates, etc.) into steps and distance straight from the MoveSpring dashboard. Learn more about enabling the activity converter here.

How to edit Supplemental responses

You can edit a user's Supplemental responses by selecting the blue Edit Supplemental button at the bottom right of this screen. Select Save changes to save any updates made.

Daily Activity

If you click into the Daily Activity section, you'll be able to view the user's daily activity data for the past 30 days. To modify a user's activity, select the "Edit" icon for the corresponding date:

Learn more about modifying a user's data here.


By clicking into the Challenges section, you'll find a list of all challenges that a user has joined. This list will include all admin and user-created challenges that a user has participated in.

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